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The Rise of Online Dating, and the Company That Dominates the Market

Ivan Duque, the mafia’s puppet?

Border breakdown: How groups make money off Venezuela’s migrant crisis

Border breakdown: Homicides up 7% alongside Colombia’s border with Venezuela

Colombia 2018 election proposals: On Venezuela

Latest News Clips:

Venezuela asks Colombia to help combat gasoline smuggling

Colombia tries first general over mass execution of civilians

Venezuela would bomb Colombia if US attacks: lawmaker

‘Pablo Escobar’s former hitman financed Duque coalition congress campaign’

66% of Colombia’s gold is mined illegally: UN study

Election fraud claims in Colombia up dramatically: observers

Over a million Venezuelans fled to Colombia in just 14 months: census

Colombia receives DEA evidence of alleged FARC involvement in drug trafficking

Colombia’s ELN rebels call ceasefire around election

Colombia supports US call to suspend Venezuela from OAS

Spate of killings shock Colombia’s struggling peace process

Colombia will not participate in NATO Wars: Santos

Venezuelan migrants in Colombia ‘receiving death threats’

Colombia will not recognize Venezuela elections: Santos

Congressional peace commission asks Santos to try FARC leader in Colombia
88% of Venezuelans in Colombia plan to stay: census
Cuban man says he plotted to attack ‘extreme left’ in Colombia

Ombudsman clashes with Bogota mayor over illegal armed groups

Colombia’s endangered Amazon dolphin population cut in half every decade

Key witness against Uribe asks to be heard by Colombia’s war crimes tribunal

Human rights groups call on Colombia’s election candidates to address Venezuela

UN Security Council concerned over increased violence in Colombia

For first time, Colombia jails lawmaker on vote-buying charges

Colombia arrests Uribe follower over death threats

‘ELN attack’ in southwest Colombia leaves quarter million people without electricity

8 killed in fighting between paramilitary groups in north Colombia

Guerrilla warfare in northeast Colombia shuts down entire region

Colombia and Ecuador promise joint offensive against FARC dissidents

Ecuador confirms death of journalists kidnapped by FARC dissidents

Colombia claims arresting 281 extortionists in one operation

Colombia proposes removal of three zeros from peso

US journalist jailed in Colombia on arson, attempted homicide charges

Trump cancels trip to Colombia and Peru amid twin crisis

Heads roll after corruption claims in Colombia’s peace process

Colombia’s Supreme Court orders government to end Amazon deforestation

Colombia launches census of Venezuelan migrants

Colombia ‘systematically’ violating human rights: report

Colombia to investigate alleged mismanagement of peace funds

ELN kidnaps four people in Colombia border region

Colombia’s state-run oil company could face criminal charges over environmental disaster

Border region asks Colombia military to withdraw as conflict rages

Catholic Church in Medellin protecting 17 pedophile priests: report

System to protect Colombia’s social leaders has failed: Inspector general

Colombia rings alarm over infectious diseases from Venezuela

Protests erupt in north Colombia over ‘rape tour’ for child sex tourists

More than 800 businesses in Colombia tied to death squads: report

Colombia prosecutors investigate 12 cases of vote-buying

Venezuela mocks Colombia election troubles

UN asks for donations to help Colombia with Venezuelan migrants

Santos announces he will resume peace talks with ELN

More than 3000 women abused in Colombia so far in 2018

FARC presidential candidate ‘to undergo heart surgery’

Venezuela criticizes security situation in Colombia

Son of UN official arrested in Colombia over child abuse claims

Colombia and Peru urge Venezuela to allow humanitarian aid

11 children died of starvation in Colombia last week alone: health institute

In spite of crackdown, Venezuelans’ mass migration to Colombia continues

Shakira in trouble with Spain’s tax authority

Trump seeks to cut US aid to Colombia in half, but will congress approve?

ELN guerrilla was member of Venezuela’s National Guard: Colombia

Colombia and Ecuador agree on new border security plan

Colombia in talks with Venezuela over cross-border ELN guerrillas

Colombia seeking shelter for 22 homeless orphans from Venezuela

Venezuela crisis too much for Colombia alone, Santos tells ambassadors

Colombia announces to step up security measures along Venezuela border

Venezuela says Colombia is planning military invasion

World Baseball Classics: Colombia reaches first base